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Gladiator vs braveheart this is an age old question dating back to the dawn of time i actually took a poll once, at work, as to who would win in an epic grudgematch. Directions: conduct a blog conversation that discusses whether gladiator or braveheart represents the best epic film of your generation consider the filming of each, performance styles of both main characters, dialogue, lighting, camera angles, filming sequences, themes, conflicts, etc. Free essay: braveheart vs william wallace the movie braveheart, directed by mel gibson and released in 1995, is an epic tale about a scottish hero named. Which one do you prefer which is the better film why do you dislike one or both i personally like braveheart more i also think. Gladiator is a 2000 epic historical drama film directed by ridley scott and written by david franzoni, john logan, and william nicholson it stars russell crowe.

Gladiator, because of the whole roman empire involvement braveheart was great too, but fight that maximus faught was i think more challenging. Braveheart / gladiator blu-ray • braveheart vs gladiator 9/1/09 and sapphire se: 528: aug 15, 2011 • braveheart / gladiator (sapphire series 2-pack blu-ray) 126:. No armor has:shields broad swords mace in: roman coliseum who wins. 2 gros bourrins en action, best off des scenes de combat de braveheart et de gladiator.

Movies like gladiator, braveheart, 300, troy i think i've seen all the good ones braveheart vs gladiator vs 300 by black0ut in forum misc. Gladiator for me because it's less depressing braveheart certainly is a good movie, but i probably won't ever watch it again i'm sorry i think braveheart is great,. I would choose braveheart i think gladiator was good, but braveheart was much better it has more intense battle scenes and a great soundtrack. Maximus: the gladiator i defeated maximus, but braveheart defeated me therefore, braveheart defeats maximus quod erat demonstrandum vina writes:.

Find great deals on ebay for braveheart gladiator shop with confidence. I just watched gladiator agian tonight i've had this debate mulitiple times and i still don't get it how can gladiator be better than braveheart the. It's close, but braveheart is better, imo a much better ending, no nasty incest scenes, and of course the freedom speech gladiator had the bettor visuals, but that's not enough to make it a better movie, aye. ‘gladiator’ and ‘braveheart’ giveaway on 4k ultra hd blu-ray combo (3 winners) face-off: 'braveheart' vs 'hacksaw ridge' have we been misinformed by movies.

In our previous face-off, we visited the world of female-driven high school comedies in heathers vs mean girls, with the latter coming out on top half of you agreed with the. You should be roundhoused in the bean bag by chuck norris for even having to ask william wallace would beat ghey hippie russell crowe like a rented mule.

Gladiator has a better story and braveheart has better action scenes both are great movies, why pick one over the other.

  • Both movies are tales of warrior of olde, but which is superior post your opinionz.
  • Braveheart is a 1995 american epic war film directed by mel gibson, who stars as william wallace, a late 13th-century scottish warrior who led the scots in the first.

Discussion we need more epics like kingdom of heaven, troy, alexander, braveheart for movie context, that's about 100 years after gladiator was set. Braveheart and gladiator will be released on uhd blu-ray on may 15 the digital bits has confirmed with paramount that all three movies have been scanned from film in. Spartacus or gladiator braveheart rabbit-proof fence skins thunderheart the seventh seal but if it was ben hur vs gladiator.

braveheart vs gladiator Braveheart essay examples 41 total results an analysis of feelings and emotions caused by braveheart 337 words 1 page braveheart vs gladiator 2,415 words 5. braveheart vs gladiator Braveheart essay examples 41 total results an analysis of feelings and emotions caused by braveheart 337 words 1 page braveheart vs gladiator 2,415 words 5. Download
Braveheart vs gladiator
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